My Mission

To empower people who feel uncomfortable in their skin to create healthy sustainable lifestyles so that they feel fit, confident and unrestricted when pursuing all that life has to offer.  

To help people who have battled injuries by designing individualized exercise programs so they feel more like themselves again and can get back to doing what they love.

To provide busy parents with short workouts and simple nutrition habits to help them become more consistent, energized and balanced.

Coaching with me, you will feel comfortable and supported.  Life is stressful enough, and I believe we don't need to be scolded or chastised by people we seek help from.  My approach is compassionate and my aim is to help you progress, not perfect.  

Core Values

1. Be client centered

2. Aim from progress, not perfection

3. Be transparent and honest

4. Have fun and smile often

5. Communicate thoughtfully and effectively

6. Learn constantly

7. Cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment

8. Strive for excellence

9. Be one of the highlights of a client's day

10. Lead by example

About Me

It all started with my own fitness journey when I was in high school.  I struggled with being slightly overweight and the body image, self-esteem and at times yo-yo dieting and abnormal eating behaviors that often come with that.  I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome which explained my propensity to be on the heavier side, but the only lifestyle advice my doctor gave me was to “eat healthy” and continue participating in sports and athletics.  It left me scratching my head.  I wasn’t sure on the specifics of eating healthy other than what I read in magazines, and as I transitioned from high school to college I would leave organized athletics behind.  These experiences sparked an intense interest and passion for me in the field of health and wellness. 

I pursued a bachelor’s of science degree at Elon University and shortly upon graduating became a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Fitness became a lifestyle for me, and nothing made me happier than sharing that with others and helping clients who didn’t know where to get started. I knew how they felt.

After college, without any significant responsibilities and plenty of time, I felt at ease with my diet and exercise routine. Fast forward a few years, add an incredible new baby plus a divorce shortly after, and this intensely emotional time in my life exposed some serious deficits in my mindset, health behaviors and approach to wellness.  My new post-partum body felt alien to me at a time when I was feeling especially vulnerable.  My situation exposed insecurities, old eating patterns in response to stressors and a perfectionist approach that clearly wasn't working. What I did before no longer fit my life.  What I needed to address was the reasons behind my decisions, and only with self awareness could I begin to challenge them and cultivate knew thought patterns and responses to strong emotions and situations.  

I needed the support, guidance and accountability of a nutrition and lifestyle coach, which I sought through Precision Nutrition, the same company through which I later earned my Level 1 Nutrition Certification. I started trying new foods, cooking methods and ways of eating. Throughout my strength training journey, I ventured out of my comfort zone.  I tried new things, felt awkward, failed, tried again, got better, made new friends, dedicated myself, got stronger and lifted things I never thought I could.  I fell in love with pushing myself and the corresponding sense of strength and power that emanated from within.  I felt stronger, from the inside out. 

This is what I want to share with you.  To help coach you through your journey, and be there for you every step of the way!

Training and nutrition aside, I love playing games and spending time with my son, I burst out into song while driving whenever possible and have been known to rap a song or two, and love all things Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and The Rock.