A lot can change in one year

I can tell you from experience. Not long after I had my incredible son, in the midst of a divorce, I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. My body was a reflection of the exhaustion, grief, and turmoil I was swirling in. Food had become a coping mechanism for me leading up to the divorce, and I battled the feelings of guilt that stemmed from this approach. Often times my response to this guilt was to tighten up even more with my eating, to really "stay on the wagon" and "be good," but that never seemed to work and only left me more frustrated.

What I needed wasn't more eating rules and restrictions. What I needed was great awareness, compassion and understanding towards myself along with a new set of habits and skills to deal with emotional situations. When you get to the root of the issue, that's where lasting change happens.

It's my great pleasure to share with you the tools, skills, and habits I learned that have helped me and my clients transform not only our bodies but our minds as well through my new habit based Total Lifestyle Transformation group coaching program.

If you're looking for lasting change, a supportive environment, and daily action and accountability so that you can achieve and maintain a more balanced approach to health and nutrition, this program is for you. Enrollment opens Wednesday, December 27th, 2017. Program officially starts on Monday January 1st. 

Don't miss out on the special introductory offer of $99/month for nutrition and lifestyle coaching or $149/month for nutrition, lifestyle and exercise coaching. One year from today, where could you be?