What is the Kaizen Health & Fitness        experience like? 

Listen to our clients to find out



Katie K. 

What was your original goal when you first started personal training?


"To change my unhealthy habits so that I could be in better shape. I was looking to be more comfortable when I travel and have the physical ability to participate in more activities without being restricted by my size or lack of strength."

When you first started, what was the biggest obstacle or problem that was holding you back?

"My mindset."

How do you feel that this program is helping you overcome this obstacle?

"By teaching me better habits in an approachable way and helping me learn how to have more positive thoughts about myself and my fitness.  You have a talent for breaking big goals and lifestyle changes into small approachable steps. You have patience and allow the person to feel very confident in the new step/skill before moving on to a new one. You have created a team, which is something I have been searching for as a former athlete. Other than my own attitude, my biggest obstacle was not having people in my life who supported my new habits and goals. You provide that support and created a group of people who provided it for each other. You push people to go beyond what they think they are capable of in a supportive way. You genuinely care about your clients and the community you have created and it shows."

Amanda C.


what was your ORIGINAL goal when you first started personal training?

"To get in better shape, lose some weight, feel better and more active, learn how to work with my chronic injuries instead of viewing them as an obstacle."


When you first started, what was the biggest obstacle or problem that was holding you back?

"Chronic injuries, but also being so out of the routine of going to the gym. I felt like I couldn't get motivated enough to do anything but wanted so badly to change."

How do you feel that This Program is helping you overcome this obstacle?

"You're a constant cheerleader who always makes me feel successful. You keep me committed to what I'm working on, keep me accountable to the things I say I'm going to do/work on, without making me feel too bad when I miss my mark. You also tap into my competitive spirit and have really found ways to keep me motivated. Your knowledge also makes me trust that you're taking good care of my injuries and I am never worried about it when I'm working out with you.  You're funny, and because training with you feels like training with a friend, but a really bad ass tough friend who makes me want to                         do more and better."

Meg o.

What was your ORIGINAL goal when you first started personal training?

"My original goal was to build exercise back into my life. Ironically, I felt like my life was keeping me from living my life."

When you first started, what was the biggest obstacle or problem that was holding you back?

"My biggest obstacle was that I was not prioritizing myself and the outlet I needed (exercise, movement, physical challenge) to release stress and have fun. I love exercise, especially with others, and I love the positivity that comes from achieving            goals together."

How do you feel that kaizen health & Fitness is helping you overcome this obstacle?

"Great strength training exercises that challenge both the body and the mind. Encouragement from social media, recipe ideas, creating a community of genuine and awesome individuals who strive to make healthy choices and who enjoy having a little fun and a good laugh while they're doing so.  You're realistic, you're funny, you're professional. You're just the best. :)"

Jessica W. 

What was your ORIGINAL goal when you first started personal training?

"To feel healthier and to lose weight."

When you first started, what was the biggest obstacle or problem that was holding you back?

"Finding time to exercise."

How do you feel that Kaizen Health & Fitness is helping you overcome this obstacle?

"By making some of the workouts short and easy to complete within a shorter time frame and by making the workouts living room friendly!  You are so supportive even as I struggle with my own ability to stick to working out.  You are encouraging, welcoming, and non-judgmental.  In brief, the best!"

Amy L.

ORIGINAL GOAL: "To become stronger while not exacerbating injury, to become fitter, to trim down and to lead a more health forward life in general."

WHAT WAS HOLDING HER BACK: "Lack of how-to especially around strength conditioning."


"I have been a member of gyms my entire adult life. To say that my love affair with step aerobics, kick-boxing, Zumba, drum classes, ab classes, toning classes, spinning (you get the idea!) was intense yet produced few results is an understatement. I have always been active but my approach to wellness on the whole was fickle and frenzied. I would get deeply embedded in something, life would get in the way, and my commitment to fitness would take a back burner, often falling off the radar completely. I had tried personal training at a different gym in the past, but it was not until I met Ryan Healy that my true passion for wellness was ignited.

From the moment I met Ryan I enjoyed her not only as a professional but as a person. Her empathy and understanding of the journey was evident. Ryan had a personal journey with wellness and for me, that was crucial. To put my trust in someone that had been there and had found a new path towards nutrition and exercise was easy. Ryan's competency and passion for her clients is immeasurable. She has helped me to understand the importance of diet and nutrition in addition to that of exercise. Admittedly, I still suffer with food choices but Ryan is always there to deliver calm, competent and encouraging advice. I consider her to be both a coach and a friend. I have worked with Ryan consistently for many years now and hope it will be for many to come.

Last year, a fellow gym-goer suggested that a group of us work towards a common goal and participate in a Spartan Race. Never in a million years did I consider doing such a thing. UNTIL I met Ryan. I immediately said, "If you say we can do it, I am in." She worked with us as a group as well as individually all the while taking note of and making changes as needed for the myriad of physical challenges and injuries facing the group. I still beam with pride over our shared accomplishment. Ryan readied us and we rocked it! We even dedicated our team name to her and it was an honor to complete Spartan with her as our leader.

Ryan is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them. She encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet she knows how much I am capable of and does not allow me to overdo it. Quite simply, working with Ryan makes me feel better. I am stronger, I sleep better and while I will always be a work in progress, it is plain to see how much I have profited both physically and mentally though my connection with Ryan. I encourage you all to contact Ryan. She will change your world for the better in ways you never imagined."

Russel B. 

"I signed up for personal training with Ryan after a shoulder injury prevented me from swimming regularly. I saw her working with clients and was intrigued by the exercises they were doing.

When I first contacted her I told her I was looking for workouts which hit multiple parts of my body, especially core. Something which gets me breathing hard, makes me sore the next day and wears me out by the end.  

Working with Ryan has transformed my exercise experience. Ryan is a fantastic teacher with incredible knowledge of how the human body works. She diligently applies this knowledge to, among other things designing great work outs for me. My workouts have become a learning experience focusing not just on physical activity but also on proper athletic technique. Having Ryan design my workouts has put me on a trajectory towards ever increasing physical capability and awareness of my body and its movement patterns

 Training with Ryan is one of the best decisions I have made. I am extremely grateful for all she has done for me."

Virginia O.

"Last January 2016 I was feeling quite a bit overweight and my lifestyle had become lethargic. I needed motivation to get going again. I also was having pains in my hips and back which I wanted to work my way out of with physical exercise rather than medicine.

My goals were to start getting a good cardiac workout to help lower high blood pressure, lose belly fat and at least 10 pounds and alleviate my hip/back pain.

Ryan always came to our sessions prepared with questions, suggestions and new programs when needed. She is always positive even when my motivation seemed to slow down. She has been a great communicator, always answering questions and emails. I'm almost at my one year anniversary with Ryan and plan to keep going. I'm older and not the easiest client but Ryan has done a terrific job. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy."

Sarah r.

"Never did I think I could have my very own personal trainer without ever having to step foot in a gym.  And then came Ryan Healy's online coaching.  As a mother of a toddler with another baby on the way, just getting to the gym is usually a struggle. So Ryan took a look at my personal fitness goals along with how much time I had to work with each day and she created a workout completely catered to me that I could do in my own home. And we never even had to meet face to face!  It was amazing. The app explained each workout so clearly using videos and descriptions that I felt like she was right there in my living room with me. And if I did have questions I simply wrote her a message through the app and Ryan would respond right away. She also allowed me to be flexible with my workout schedule. For instance, if I couldn't find time to do Tuesday's workout, there was no penalty to push it to Wednesday, unlike a trainer at the gym where you would miss out on a session and still be paying for it!  This is definitely the way to go. Thank you Ryan for getting my fitness back on track!"

David k. 

"To say that I was exercise shy and gym averse would be an understatement! As part of an effort to improve my health and lifestyle I hesitatingly signed up for a personal trainer. My goals were to be fitter and more active, learn to choose a better diet and to lose weight. Ryan helped me along the way to meet these goals. She is intelligent, knowledgeable and could present information and a plan to succeed in a way that I could engage with. The dietary and weight loss information were far more reasoned and achievable than others that I had tried.

The workouts and exercise programs were graduated and focused on various goals as time went on. I was amazed by the variety of exercises that she came up with! Ryan was persistent in a way that worked for me, giving me enough incentive to push forward without the 'jock' factor that I would have rejected. The sessions were fun, intense and always worthwhile. I feel much better and came to look forward to what would have been a hurdle before."

Lisa C.

"Ryan Healy is an amazing trainer!  What makes Ryan special is her ability to tailor a program which matched my fitness objectives.  I feel as if I’m not alone in achieving my goals because Ryan is so supportive.  She is knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating.  I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking for personalized training."

Maeve H. 

Maeve+Jamal Wedding578.jpg

"This program was a great choice for me. With my busy schedule it can be hard for me to squeeze in a time to go to the gym. Ryan made it possible for me to get a great workout from my apartment, within a thirty minute period, as per my request. It was awesome! All the videos were so helpful at the beginning while I was getting the hang of each exercise. My flexibility increased and the areas I told Ryan I wanted to focus on definitely toned up as well. It was nice that I could also message her through the app whenever I had a question or wasn't sure if I was performing an exercise correctly. The app was extremely easy to use, so user friendly. Ryan was continually motivating and flexible to my schedule. I would definitely recommend training with Ryan."

Client Messages

Steve M. 

"Hi Ryan,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank-you e-mail.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help with personal training. Your knowledge, patience, feedback, encouragement, professionalism, etc. all made a big difference in getting me started with weight training.

I must say, I learned a lot! As you know, I had little to no prior knowledge of weight training (the equipment, the techniques, etc.) when I started. Now, I feel confident that I have an excellent warm-up and three excellent workout routines that I can do on my own.

Thank you, again. You were incredibly helpful!"

Maura B. 

"My shoulder feels pretty good.  Just needed to share that.  Hopefully that means good things ahead.  I don't think I'd be here without you.  You have made a HUGE difference and I really appreciate it!"

Rachael B. 

"I'm almost down to my goal weight (30 lb less than where I was when I started) because you taught me what to do! "